Sound Design

Elevate Your Music with Infinite Soundscapes

Sound design for UVI Falcon

Organic Pads is a one-stop shop exploring the arena of sustained and evolving sounds within Falcon. Featuring 100 hand-crafted patches arranged in 4 categories including Light, Dark, Mystical, and Nature, Organic Pads gives you a diverse and wide-ranging palette of styles to explore.

Sound design for Pigments

Oscillating Twilight is an impressive and inspiring collection of 50 presets that take you to dark dimensions. Each preset is an ambient composition in itself in which the macros and MW guide you towards your own setting of an imaginary cinematic experience. Arturia’s Pigments 4 is fully utilised to guide you to your next masterpiece. Oscillating Twilight takes you where twilight brings everything into vibration.

Reason Studios Refill

Grounded in the authentic, each Combinator in this collection draws its essence from the sampled electric guitar, played to life with the E-Bow's tender grace. The result is a palette of soundscapes, pads, and ambient atmospheres that resonate with the tranquility of an evening's breeze or the nostalgia of a distant memory.

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